Dịch Vụ

Với những kỹ sư tốt chúng tôi sẽ lên kế hoạch thiết kế xây dựng phù hợp với từng khách hàng.

Thiết kế xây dựng

Focused on city construction, residential and commercial buildings and also private homes. More than 30 years experience into building construction with the best expertise.

Thiết kế Nội Thất

Being into the construction field you will have to look for more efficient ways to finish projects, and also keep an eye open for the environment. Our company focus is to help get green energy.

Thiết kế cảnh quan sân vườn

Half century experience in infrastructure projects, through the fund of building smarter cities in United States we’ve been able to create amazing landmarks and projects.

Thi công nội thất

Thi công nội thất chung cư, biệt thự, nhà hàng, văn phòng, quán cà phê
Thi công trọn gói